It has been almost an entire decade since I wrote professionally. Blame the offspring, blame the businesses, blame the life. Forget the blame, I am back.

The words are writing themselves again!

What does a mother of three boys under seven have to offer? Turns out the material is endless when you have the “real life” situation that your 20-year-old self both dreamed of and dreaded. Yes, there is pee all over my bathroom and I haven't had a date night, pedicure or bath alone since birth of babe one. BUT WHO IS COUNTING ANYWAYS?!

No, I did not become a mommy-blogger and I won't harang you about how to treat your kids. I did, however, remain an intent observer of both my kids and the people who surround us. My personal blogs still ruminate on this life. Currently, I am moving my focus to once again writing as my career. And keeping up the garden. And activism. And dreaming. And all the things that drive writing and who I am.

It has been a while and I am certainly a different person. But the fingers still stroke the keys in ease and words still comfort me like a bar of Belgium Chocolate. My published writing is anything but up-to-date. While some of my brain cells are zapped from thin sleep margins and so so many butt wipes each day, others are firing and ramped up! The soldiers are marching on; “We remember what honest reporting is! Adverb usage! Lead a reader in!” It is all coming back!

As well as “mothering” this past decade, I have also forged several new roads that all lead back to writing. Most recently, I founded a successful cooperative Primary School in southeastern North Carolina, where I am based. In the years before I left Chicago, I owned and operated a prosperous clothing boutique. With these startup endeavors came much business and content churning and writing. The viability of each also relied on heavy market research, marketing, client acquisition, and engagement.

Back in the Windy City, I worked as the Marketing and Event Director of the Famous Dick’s Last Resort. Putting a positive spin on a place where grumpy is the norm and being treated like crud is the marketing angle, presented new challenges for my career. I met it head on, increased sales, and learned about what the reader and customers continually want.

As I approach 40-years-young and read articles and columns written in my 20s, I am retaking some of the fearless person I was then. I will continue to write honestly and with integrity with a style and prose that it uniquely Pasha.

Will you join me on my continuing adventure?


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