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Elvis is not dead
The Hunter Envoy
February 11, 2004
As a young college staff writer it was my job to scope out the hip happenings in New York, to scoop the Post and the Daily News. What could be more of a hidden gem than the Trailer Park Lounge and a fabulous Elvis?

Run, Run as fast as you can
The Hunter Envoy
November 12, 2003
The event to see and be scene in was the New York City Marathon in 2003, where even celebrity Sean “P Diddy” Combs got in on the action.

Ready For a Close-up
Northside Neighbor - November 2, 2005
The High Museum’s renovations garnered national media attention, this article takes a look at its influence on local artists.

Blue Luna Café
The Walton Sun
- September 4, 2004

Writer draws inspiration from life’s quirks
Northside Neighbor - November 2, 2005

Simplicity is the taste for River Room chef
Northside Neighbor - October 19, 2005

Monkeys Everywhere, But Not a Sight to Spare
Quepolandia – March 2007
There is a saying in Costa Rica, "Still more monkeys than people." The thrill of watching monkeys play, like how Americans watch squirrels, is an essential component of the charm.

The War on Bugs
Quepolandia – May/June 2007
In Costa Rica, the bugs are the size of mice and they never travel alone.


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