This Must be Love

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As I pedaled my new cherry red cruiser along the bike path that follows Lake Michigan, I thought, “I am hopelessly in love.”

The emerald green waters of the expansive lake and the tan sand followed my path to the east. To the right, I viewed the entire Chicago skyline, with the Sears Tower emerging as the giant at the front of the line. They were two landscape beauties that I never imagined meeting face to face.

But it wasn’t just the whole of the city, the fact that a beautiful beach is actually downtown, that amazed me.

It was the perfect 80 degree temperature. It was my dog in the front basket lapping at the wind. It was all the other bikers, runners, rollerbladers and strollers that shared the same path in harmony.

I felt a swell in my chest when I randomly looked across Lake Shore Drive to see a street lined with turn of the century works of architecture. Brick lined alleys and streets separate one row of greystones from the next. I could imagine my grandmother at my age, her heels narrowly escaping the cracks, her eyes as wide in amazement as mine are now.

It was a time of perfect solitude, when, though surrounded by millions, you feel like it is your city alone.

A great amount of pride swelled in me, for I had chosen to live in a perfect city. I hold great excitement and anticipation for all the new discoveries that lie ahead of me here. I cannot wait for a time when I am totally settled and there is not much to do but explore.

Suddenly, I realized that every thing I have been feeling about Chicago, I had also felt for New York. At first it felt like cheating on my first love. I had felt similarly in awe of London when I lived there; but in the seven months I spent there, I never had this intimate of a connection.

For so long, my heart had been trapped in New York, never loving another quite the same.

Now, I dare say, that this admiration of Chicago could very well pass that of my ex. Sure, there is more to a city than a bike ride on a summer afternoon, than laying in the sand and looking out into the water and back over a city.

But when your belly tightens and churns at the sight of a certain landmark, it is safe to say that love is in the air.


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