Bus 13 just kept on going

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After yesterday, and since my most recent affairs with
London’s double-deckers, I am beginning to have second thoughts about our relationship.

I was waiting at the Gloucester Street bus stop when I noticed a headline in The London Paper. It was any commuters’ nightmare, 2500 bus drivers were on strike.

Bus 13 approached (the 82 wasn’t running due to the strike,) and stopped 10 feet short of the bus stop, unloaded passengers from the back door, and sped away. I should have taken it as a sign and opted to take the nearby Baker Street tube. But since I had a paper to read and an umbrella over my head, I wasn’t too bothered

I watched another Bus 13 approach 10 minutes later. And then I watched it pass without even slowing down. I thought, ‘How cheeky can these bus drivers be?’

Then I remembered last week. I was on the 328 ‘Extra” from Chelsea to Golders Green. The ‘Extra’ bus delivers passengers to Kilburn High Street, where they transfer to another 328.

Suddenly the driver told all Golders Green passengers to transfer to the Bus 328 that was behind us. Five of us waved eagerly and approached the latter Bus 328, but the driver sped away.

The angry crowd followed the offending bus to a stop light 50 feet away.

One woman pounded on the door. ‘You MUST let us on,’ she cried. The driver opened the door to his little driver’s room, stepped out, opened the front doors of the bus, and said curtly, ‘Step the fuck away from my bus.’

Oh yeah, bus drivers can be rude, inconsiderate, and all around nasty.

I waited for another Bus 13. One stopped 10 feet past the bus depot and I noticed that the top of the bus wasn’t even full. Still, the driver only let a few passengers out the back door, and several passengers managed to sneak on before the doors slammed shut.

After two more busses came and went, I decided, come Hell or high water, I would be on the next one.

Watching my chariot approach, I planned my next move carefully. Other unknowing passengers would go to the front doors. But I knew the drivers had no intention of letting people on in front.

After a dozen passengers exited the back door, I jumped on with two other keen riders. The door slammed shut on my big black carrier bag.

I cursed him, ‘Cheeky bastard.’


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