Back to Dick’s

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I found myself right back where I was six-years-ago, at Dick’s!

The niche restaurant was one of the best places I had ever worked. At Dick’s Last Resort, formality and pretentious attitudes are left at the door. The result was a stage where I was pleased to perform as a waitress.

Back in Boston, I muscled my way into working on the first floor of the Prudential building in the Back Bay. But once I was in, I was a golden child. My shtick wasn’t the standard, which too many servers think is just to be a “dick” to customers. Instead, I worked my own angle of the not so bright blond with sass mixed in.

Working there was simple: mix good service with personality and the money making opportunities flourish. For more than six-months, I put in 40 hour weeks and saved to move to New York and finish school. For the first time in my restaurant career, I was actually sad to be moving on.

I wished for a Dick’s in New York to get me through school. But alas, I settled for Cigar Bars and Irish Pubs.

When I decided to move to Chicago, I remembered there was a Dick’s there. I knew right away I wanted to return to my creative breeding ground. I called a few days ahead of time and met with the General Manager, Al, one day after my arrival to the new city.

It was just as I remembered it being in Boston. There were bras hanging from the bar, worn out tables and mismatching chairs, a stage for performers, menus on the walls and a disgruntled greeting from the staff. It took me a minute to adjust and know that it wasn’t me … it was just the nature of Dick’s.

I started work a few days later, training and picking it all up where I left it years ago. I was rusty on making the signature paper hats and had to have a memory jog on the menu. But in all, I think I am back in the groove.

And oh so thankful to have my Dick’s back!


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