Why Must I believe that Life is Like the Movies?

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As I cried, hysterically, during “Because I Said So,” I had a major epiphany.

I truly believe that life is like the movies.

Is it so unrealistic that a meddling mother would want the best for her daughter and scheme to achieve just that? Of course not. Is an amazing loft apartment for a twenty something entrepreneur not like real life … ha! And an amazingly sexy and romantic relationship with two men at once, which actually pans out to be just one perfect guy in the end – real life, right?

OK, so maybe these on screen tales are as tall as a redwood, but surely they have some bits of truth in them, right? They aren’t just a sham to make me believe that my life could still be a fairy tale, complete with airbrushing and a happy ending?

Here I am, a 26-year-old writer … Ok, Ok, waitress …. who in my heart actually believes that someday everyone will know my name. I believe I can live in any neighborhood in any city in the world. I believe that I can have romance AND exciting love everlasting, two dogs, and four perfect (yet bratty) children.

Am I living in wonderland … er, rather, TV land?

To address the question I am forced to evaluate my past and present.

I lived single in New York, like the ladies of Sex and The City. I own multiple pairs of Monolo Blahniks and have partied in a good majority of the hot clubs. I have felt the autumn air while strolling in Central Park. I called the Upper East Side home and worked for a Hearst magazine.

It was almost like a script, except, I never paid full price for my Monolos. Oh yeah, and I am not nearing 40 and my career is not exactly established. OK, I guess it was more like a product sold as “seen on TV.”

Still, I have had plenty of major movie moments. Like boarding a plane at Heathrow Airport in London with my gigantic sunglasses and a scarf tied around my hair. I have even experienced a few movie star kisses, those ones in the rain, where you believe you might actually die if you cant find the rewind button and replay it over and over again. I have done the lift in the pool and the ocean. And I have lost my brakes descending a mountain; how much more like a movie does it get?

Now here I am, living in Lincoln Park, making money and looking forward to settling down … not so much like the movies, but I guess more like real life.

Is this the point where I hit the pause button and tell myself that life isn’t brunch with your girlfriends on Sundays? Should I train my psyche to quit waiting for that relationship moment where he drops to his knees in the middle of the Subway platform, wraps his arms around my waist and professes his love, just because I look cute in polka dots?

I guess the reason why nobody tapes real life, save for situations where drama is bound to ensue as in The Real Word, is because most people don’t live their lives like the movies or like a television show, or even a commercial where the harmonious family in the great big Victorian home sit side my side at the dinner table passing the mashed potatoes. In reality that dad had to work late every night to pay the mortgage.

Maybe I should believe that life is a little like the movies. It is the fantasies you insist on fulfilling and the characteristics of life that are top priorities. Life is exactly like a script, one that you write and that gets edited scrupulously by someone else.


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