So, This is What it Feels Like to Work

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I have had one of those weeks.

Exhausted, weary, and on my last limb, I am fighting off a cold with all my extra energy. I quickly relapse into a time of entire days free for weeks at a time. Days like Costa Rica.

But then the phone rings, an editor calls, the restaurant wants me in early, the floor needs to be mopped and the dog whines to go out. There I am, snapped back to reality.

I should count my blessings, I know. I am actively writing – to be published – for money! Exciting, yes. Daunting, a little. Already I have become bored with writing profiles on developers. The money isn’t as good as it should be with another online gig. But then I think, aren’t you starting out pretty much at the low end of the rope?

Tomorrow is what I am gazing towards. An entire day off, or is it? It would be an ideal day to scour for more opportunity, more writing work, and an perfect day to clean, relax and enjoy. After all, my Sundays are eaten up with work, my free nights are consumed with restaurant reviews. And I am tired.

For every moment I relished last year, I am thankful. For every day I thanked God for putting me in a place of total serenity, I was rewarded with an afternoon of sun.

With the thoughts of yesterday here in mind, my fingers can move on to today. I can dream of travel and adventure while I am planted here, working another day.


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