What The #@!# Have You Been Doing?

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It is simply amazing how we get working and before you know it, it is the end of October. Next week, the calendar will flip to November, and it will be another month flown by.

So, you might wonder, what has Pasha been doing with herself? Where are her usual weekly posts?

Well, you asked!

In addition to writing feature profile for a construction magazine, American Builders Quarterly, I have also been writing venue reviews for Chicago’s oldest online city guide, centerstagechicago.com. Here are links to a few of them. It has felt great to get checks for my freelance work and be busy during the day. Now if I could only motivate to find more writing gigs … he he he!


Check back soon for a few fresh posts … I promise, they will magically appear!


Photography by Shawna Carroll

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