Forget Celebs … What About Your Year in Review?

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I know, I know, it is already more than two weeks into 2008 and I am just now posting this. Well, I am proud to report that I have been super duper busy with six new writing assignments, eight new reviews, taking a grammar class and the addition of a new healthy Pasha. Yes folks, I am working out and have quit hitting the beer bottle. Two weeks in and I am six pounds lighter, a heck of a lot leaner and on my way to Kelly Ripa arms. Oh yeah, 2008 has been a good one – even though there hasn’t been much to it!

I want to hear back from my readers on this post. Let’s see how many comment we can get! You can comment back anonymously if you would like. If you have the time, I would really like to learn about your year in review. Have fun … I will be answering these questions, too (computer illiterate … highlight questions, right click, copy, go to leave a comment, right click, paste, answer Q’s)

Best (and worst) of 2007 (all Q’s refer to last year)
1. What was your biggest accomplishment last year?
2. What did you put off in 2007 that you hope to achieve in 2008 (otherwise known as a goalover.)
3. What was the happiest moment?
4. What was your most bleak time?
5. What new routine did you establish?
6. What habit (good or bad) did you break?
7. Did anyone important enter your life?
8. Who do you wish you had spent more time with?
9. What was your best purchase?
10. Most useless purchase?
11. Any answered prayers?
12. Best decision you made?
13. Worst decision you made?
14. What do you hope for in 2008?

Can’t wait to share my answers with you. I promise to kick my butt in gear for a lot of posts (and more interactive ones like this) in 2008!


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