Must … Discuss … Brit …

Posted in Monthly at 3:19 pm by Pasha

Whatever the reasoning behind it - that she is bipolar, that she is starving for copious amounts of attention, that she is just plain white trash - Britney Spears’ crazy ways have gotten her more publicity and fame than the pop star could have hope for. That’s the point, right?

The now infamous pop-wreck is on every single newscast, on every channel. She is the front page headline today, tomorrow and yesterday. She IS the media in an all-too important election year. Britney is singlehandedly dictating the news with her custody battles, barely-there-redneck-gear, drugstore shopping sprees, atrocious weave and hospital stays. It makes you wonder …

If old Brit wanted to, she could pull a Demi Moore and move to an anonymous town. But she likes it, she likes the paparazzi so much that she even dates one of them. You have to question, is Britney getting a cut of the money from some of those tabloid websites? The former full-time mom is constantly playing the part by acting strange and exposing herself whenever possible to the flashbulbs. Seriously, this girl has been in the business for a long time, Britney is getting PAID for all the face time. I bet there is even a bonus for ambulance rides and car crashes.

It isn’t such a bad publicity move. Her new album, which would have otherwise totally bombed, faired the weather because the singer’s daily personal crisis. In order to be really truly famous, a star must be exquisite at his or her craft, or sell magazines. Britney has perfected the latter.

So, this is the debate; is poor Britney Spears mentally ill? Think so? Why, because she talks with a British accent to photographers? Because she shops at Rite-Aid at 5 a.m.? Or maybe she is committable cause she doesn’t want her kids back enough to fight for them?

Doubt it. Brit is sane as day. She thrives off attention - just think of how much she got as a child star. But in the end I think it is about the Benjamin’s. She might be from the South, but she ain’t that dumb. It is a shame the mainstream media is.