Lose The Lard

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I have become a woman obsessed.

Initially, my weight loss goal was simply that–a goal to lose about 30 pounds. But after nearly four months and more than 20 pounds of jiggly wiggly converted to muscle, I have become consumed by what makes a body healthy.

After two months of dieting and working out, I lost around 10 pounds but then my body plateaued. It seemed impossible to lose any more weight. Even though I was working out for sometimes more than an hour a day and strategically counting calories and fat grams, I hit a wall. The scale held on at 135 and refused to budge. The tone in my arms was mediocre at best. And my love handles were still muffin-topping over my jeans.

In the madness of research, and in the desperation to find something that would bring me more towards a size 4, I discovered Harley Pasternak. My very first workout partner back in January had left the books at my place between bits of Tae Bo and Carmen Electra exercises. I picked up the first of his two books and vehemently tore through the pages as if someone had shown me the light.

It all made sense to me–the diet plan and the 25 minute workouts. The eating guidelines schooled me in why I really wasn’t losing substantial fat cells; because I was consuming sugar and carbs (low fat versions) without remorse. In reality, no matter how fat free a carbohydrate or a sugar laden snack is, it will always convert to fat in your body. That was a knock on the door and bang on the head. Fat Free does not mean healthy!

So I did it. I put down all–or most anyway–food with high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. I nearly halted my sugar consumption (especially after learning that is really where most belly fat comes from) and only ate carbs low on the glycemic index. Even though Pasternak’s book discourages consumption of some fruits and veggies high on the glycemic index, I refused to give up any of them. I stick by my grapes and my corn on the cob; I will never give up eating loads of real produce.

And sure, I cheat. Every single Sunday. I eat whatever my cravings desire: Buffalo wings, pizza, mocha latte, whatever I want! It is the only way for me to stay on track the other six days. Thus far, my hard-charging Sundays have only created one sugar/starch/processed food overdose, but many a Monday food-hangover.

Pasternak’s workout premise is that strength training and core training sandwiched between five-minutes of cardio is all the exercise a body needs. It is really easy and super quick (optimal for mothers and all other busy bees.) By varying and doing more reps and supersets you constantly trick your body into thinking it is doing new routines, and it continually works your muscles. Who knew that a person’s vessel is so keenly aware that after doing the same exercise, daily–without variance, it will adapt and quit building muscle and losing fat?

After completing my first five-week cycle, my body has looked better than ever. I am tight in all sorts of lovely spots and my arms now bear resemblance to Kelly Ripa’s! Since I never solely buy one experts’ opinion, I changed Pasternak’s workouts and created my own workout plan, “Lose The Lard.” The variance and muscle groups targeted are all the same. However, I changed many of the exercises to be more female and joint friendly, added a minute or two of stretching and bumped up the cardio to 10 minutes–for optimal weight loss and a healthy heart.

After four months and many hours of creating a bespoke program, I lend my personal “Lose The Lard” plan to you, found in the following blog post. The lifestyle roped me in, and truth-be-told … I kind of like it. Now, I am a lifer! So, here is to all my ladies, their skinny jeans, the perfect LBD, and summer’s teeny tiny green bikinis!

Lose The Lard ~ Pasha’s Plan

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