The Blessings of March

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By Pasha Holiday

There is something about March, about the first month of spring, about the first days of sunshine and the clocks leaping an hour ahead. March marks the beginning of Chicago’s true loveliness, a season where cooped up city-dwellers lace up their running shoes and dust off their bikes, it is the time when The City springs alive.

For our little family, this March has marked a new season in our lives. My husband turned 30. It was an event that lasted more than a week and bonded us securely with renewed wedding vows and a weekend spent together on the sofa. In this month we have often sat opposite one another and talked about the great wide open that is ahead of us, how different the years to come will make us, and how much the years behind us have changed us.

In one of God’s great gifts, the month of March delivered a child to us. Matthew’s daughter had always been a huge part of our thoughts, dreams and hopes for the future, but it was a waiting game for her to be ready to know us. In the middle of an unbelievably beautiful March, we got our wish; Misty came into our lives. Through the insane connection of Facebook, and Matthew’s ever welcoming and embracing family, Misty found the courage to get in touch with her father (and her, eek, stepmother, too!)

So, now we have an 11-year-old daughter. Misty is embracing her father and seems to understand, beyond what most young ladies would, that life is complicated and that what we have is the future, not the dredging of the past.

Over the past couple of weeks I have thought so much about how to act as a stepmother, about a new label that I will wear forever. My mind has wandered to the future of Misty’s life, to knowing her through the teen angst, boyfriends, and freshmen year at college. I think about my husband, and the urgency I have always had for him to be a good father. And I know that in this year’s renewal of spring we all had something pretty wonderful happen. Matthew is going to be able to help nurture his daughter through life, and I will help him not to mess it up! Misty will never have to wander through life wondering about her real father. Now that she is in his life, and a part of our family, she will never have to question if we care or love her. Being part of this family means unconditional love through anything.

March has also meant the near completion of our two month Project Kitchen operation. Over the last five months we have learned so much about being carpenters and about this old house we call home. The kitchen brought with it new lessons and new crafts to learn. After nearly three weeks under the kitchen sink, being doused with water at a turn of a pipe and uncountable trips to our local hardware guru, Matthew, the plumber of the year, made our sink work and drain perfectly. Project Kitchen is about 90 percent there; requiring only moldings, touch ups and finishing work. Spring cooking, with summer’s farmer’s markets just around the corner, is in full bloom.

This year in March we are looking ahead to summer and everything that one year after we got married will hold for us. We are planning a trip to Georgia, to see Misty and go to the annual “It’s All Over But the Shoutin’ Wilson Family Reunion.” I am beyond excited for both. This summer we will have a new car and I will be able to drive home to see my newest niece, Madeline Paisley, and hug my mama. These are the things in life that make is so sweet. The new beginnings that March has offered are a few of the best yet.