Dear Body

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By Pasha Holiday

Dear 31-Week-Pregnant Body,

I looked you over scrupulously in the mirror this evening. And tonight I fell in love with what I saw.

Maybe it was the free maternity clothes that all seemed to hug you and look just right on you. Maybe it was the perfectly round and attentive belly that had been tightened by a day full of Braxton Hicks contractions. Maybe it was the non-maternity, size small, linen pants that still fit sensuously around your hip bones. Or maybe it was the curls and squats that you pushed through last night and toned the jiggly bits.

Whatever it was body, tonight, for the first time in a while, you really made me happy. You really made me proud. I did not want you to change from that moment. I know in the next two months you will get much larger and the middle of you will be way out of proportion to your limbs and derriere. I wanted to frame the feeling in my mind so I could share it with the me that is sometimes saddened by a full face in a picture, by arms squeezed into a pre-pregnancy T-Shirt.

In that moment, body, I knew why women all over this earth love to be pregnant; why some men worship them like a God. You are growing a little baby inside you who is nearly four pounds now. The little one tucked safely in your womb is snug and secure, not a care or worry, just grooving and loving the days away.

In just a couple of months I might hate you. In fact, I am quite certain that I will. I promise to look back at this letter and remember what you are capable of. I promise to always enjoy and love you for what you are, a vessel that can change and adapt, that can create and feed another human, that can be strong and soft all at the same time. I promise to thank you for being beautiful, even when you are stretched out and tired, weary and sore. It is then, that I will need to love you even more.

We are in this together, body! I will nurture you through the rest of this life and fill you will goodness and positivity. And I know you will always give back, you will never fail me, because I have faith. We have a big journey coming up in December and I know that you will be stronger than ever for it. I believe in you and I believe in me. Together, there is nothing we cannot do!

All my love,
Your Heart