Where Have You Been?!?

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Do you LOVE to shop ReSale but hate spending an entire day uncovering one hidden gem? It is RefreshEase to the Rescue! We have scoured every sale imaginable to find you the highest quality clothing, accessories and home goods! Read more about our boutiques mission to keep quality merchandise going around and around.

RefreshEase’s mission is to ReClaim, ReStyle, ReNew. The men’s and women’s apparel includes classically-styled clothing, shoes, bags and accessories with a focus on recycling quality pieces. RefreshEase also makes and sells “RFE Upcycled” items that are created from otherwise discarded fabrics, including: cashmere, t-shirts and table linens.

Unlike the traditional resale store, RefreshEase does not take donations or consignment; instead owner Pasha Krise dubs herself an “American Picker” and shops rummage sales of all sorts, thrift stores and estate sales to stock the store. “It gives me greater control of my inventory. I know if I am low on premium denim in size 6, then I have to go out and find some. I don’t have to wait for it to come to me,” Krise says.

RefreshEase, located at 2735 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60647, is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11 am – 7 pm. RefreshEase can be found online at www.refreshease.com, facebook/refreshease, refreshease@gmail.com or 773.278.8445.

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