Dark streets of fashion season

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Camden Town is London’s answer to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, gritty, dangerous, and drug-ridden, but in a very chic way.

Camden Fashion Show 2006 producers looked to the unique community for inspiration. After all, it was the local stores, with names like Killer Strawberry and Ganji Punk Rebublic, who put on the professionally choreographed runway show.

The Camden Lock Market transformed from a pedestrian-packed cobble street to a designer showcase with eastern inspired hanging lamps, a giant white tent, lights, cameras, and, of course, the long white T-shaped runway for action.

Like one of the real designer shows that will preview this week in London, the actual modeling and music kicked off about 30 minutes late. The crowd pushed to the edge of the stage, but I hung back. Using a windowsill to stand on, I braced my body against a tent pole to see over more than a hundred fashionistas and aging hipsters.

The show stopper was beautiful clothing and styling by Stella. Located in Camden Lock Market, the store has clothes that would feel comfortable taken out of their element and worn in trendier parts of London.

A Diana Von Furstenberg inspired wrap dress was played up in a psychedelic print that was colored in a flow of turquoise and purple wrapped through this seasons must have gray. A pair of below the knee gaucho shorts paired with a navy turtleneck knit, white tights, and platforms are the must have work uniform this fall.

For the nights out when every woman wants to feel beautiful without sucking in and trying too hard, Stella displayed a violet, almost blue, ankle length dress. It was body skimming without being clingy, worn with a bobble bead necklace and black gloves, perfect to dress up or down.

The Cabaret Koko scene reflected the best of Camden Town with male and female models in abrupt black and white stripes and bursts of blood red color.

Little-striped-riding-hood cloaks and cotton skirts that hung from the models without form seemed an ineffective try by stylists. But they were saved by the genius who paired FairyGothmother’s full floor-length black tool skirt with a red corset that had pleated capped shoulders. The cherry printed corset paired with red knickers panties, black fishnets, red wool hat, and knee high leather boots screamed out the perfect balance of trash and glamour.

The Primrose Hillbillies scene unleashed what any Sunday driver would see on the streets of Camden Market, flowered bohemian dresses paired with blazers, scarves, and fedora hats, boot-cut jeans and miniskirts paired with waistcoats.

Models and clothing moved to elctrify the Barfly scene, where the clothing came in shocking poufs of burnt orange and banana yellow. The most desirable piece of the scene was a pair of suede riding boots, with a chunk of a heel, appeared in an outfit by Komodo.

The schoolgirl meets call girl outfits by Spank were made mostly of vinyl, netting, and zippers. One piece put an eclectic twist on the 80’s inspiration that seems to be everywhere this season, which were leg warmers flared like bell bottoms.

Even though the scene was tasteless, it was hard to get the Stables Starlets look out of your mind. The shocking brazilin colored sweatpants paired with open backed vests by the Brazil Boutique was confusing. The scene couldn’t even be saved by an interesting full crocheted skirt paired with a cropped hooded sweatshirt.

A community based fashion show in the fashion obsessed land of London is a wonderful way to showcase clothes to a crowd who might otherwise be wary of shopping outside of Marks and Spencer. The local store stylists did a brilliant job of competing with designer sized budgets by putting on a hit fashion show in Camden Town.

With a fashion craving satisfied for free, Camden Fashion Show 2006, was well inspiring.

To see pictures of the fashion show, view my slideshow at http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=p81mivb.hrfhkhn&x=0&y=d1a7pe


  1. lynn said,

    September 19, 2006 at 2:58 am

    Thanks for all the fashion sense…Now I can do what comes naturally..Have fun dressing, and I’m in…Love Mommy

  2. Perla said,

    September 19, 2006 at 7:23 pm

    Yeah, thanx Pash.. if you could have seen me wearing my late ninetys light pink puma shorts pulled up to my waste and babydoll dress from Casual Corner, you might just… well.. laugh, it is amusing. Anyway, thanx for the update.. Oooo, I do like the leggings from the show and the pointy heeled boots, too cute. love ya, Perla

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