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American Builders Quarterly
Bowen, Guerrero & Howe Publishing, Chicago, IL
Winter 2007 - 2008
Profiles of leading companies in the building trade.

A.H. Palmer and Sons, LLC
Berks Restoration
Harristown Development
Home-Tech, Inc.
Leo A. Daly
Lowell Management
Staley, Inc.
Thomas Development

Franchise with Confidence
Ownafranchise.co.uk - Winter 2006
Newsletter article for U.K. franchise firm.

Low Risk Franchise Opportunities
Ownafranchise.co.uk - Fall 2006
Newsletter article for U.K. franchise firm.

Freeport Café Home of good old boys and burgers
The Walton Sun – October 23, 2004
Every time I drove by Freeport Café it was packed. Curiosity lured me in and proved to be a great story full of characters. The October 23 issue, including this business front, won first place 2005 Best of Freedom awards for outstanding journalism efforts in the Community Division of Freedom Communications.

Stores open as CityWalk takes shape
Neighbor Newspapers – October 19, 2005
A new development in Sandy Springs warranted front page news in a community looking forward to the new live, shop, eat, and play concept.

New Urbanism moving north of 98
The Walton Sun – November 6, 2004
Walton County real estate is innovative and competitive. New Urbanism was first introduced for the beach communities, but alas the sprawl moved north.

Personalized potions and peaceful purity
The Walton Sun - February 12, 2005

Watching over the perfect wedding
The Walton Sun - November 13, 2004

Fan Friendly: Football season keeps watering holes packed on Saturdays
Northside Neighbor - September 21, 2005


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