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Forget the February Blues

 You can’t get there from here

A monthly column about being a young New Yorker in the South.

Country fried Yankee goes north into the deep south
The Walton Sun - October 23, 2004
About my first University of Alabama football game, a southern tradition like no other. The Walton Sun won the Award for excellence in community journalism for this issue.

On being the new kid on the block
The Walton Sun
- August 28, 2004
This was my first column as a journalist on life in Walton County, Florida.

The cool beauty of
life that falls on us

The Walton Sun - September 25, 2004

A mother’s flock heads
home for a single day

The Walton Sun - December 25, 2004

I’m not just whistling Dixie, NASCAR is gooder than grits
The Walton Sun – February 26, 2005

The choice between a Yankee and a Southern Man
The Walton Sun - April 23, 2005

 You Think

This weekly column grew out of the overwhelming community chatter that my monthly column drummed up. It was geared towards current events and a twenty-something’s ruminations on life. Most people praised my writing style and commiserated with letters of compassion, some people didn’t find all my ponderings appropriate. Whether or not they agreed with my opinions, one thing was clear, they couldn’t stop reading it.

Next year, send a snow globe and save the chocolates
The Walton Sun – January 14, 2005
Who doesn’t know what those extra 10 pounds feel like in mid-January?

Books as best friends, therapists, teachers, cohorts and criminals
The Walton Sun - April 9, 2005

Whose fault is credit card fraud
The Walton Sun
- June 25, 2006

I believe in the pure power of prayer
The Walton Sun
- December 24, 2005

Holiday shopping is bearable again
The Walton Sun
- December 17, 2005

You think we all grew a little together during the past year
The Walton Sun - March 25, 2006

 Ask Pasha

For several months I wrote an advice column and answered those hard to ask questions.

Bad news boyfriend is friend’s choice: Be ready to pick up the pieces
The Walton Sun - January 7, 2006

 Special Column

To help the cause I wrote this column for the Angel Tree Network in Walton County. I reflected on my memories of Christmas as a child.

Christmas joy doesn’t have a price tag
The Walton Sun - November 13, 2004


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