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The Ocean's Power
Quepolandia – August 2007
The Pacific Ocean, especially in Manual Antonio, is a haven for surfers and daredevils.

The Angel Investor’s Twelve Days of Christmas
The ANGEL Investor - December 2006
A gift is only as good as the store in which it was purchased. That’s why this year you should forget about big department store crowds and head over to the Burlington Arcade for some personal attention.

Lighting the Dark
Northside Neighbor - October 5, 2005
This story came from a press release about a charity event to benefit Prevent Blindness Georgia. The real story was the Development Director and her relationship with her blind son.

These Dunes aren’t
made for walking

The Walton Sun – March 26, 2005
I was recruited by my editor at The Sun to write this article. One of our photographers had published a libelous cutline the week before that depicted the Holmes as unfriendly neighbors. I was commissioned to clear up the misunderstanding and explain to the community why South Walton’s dunes aren’t meant to be played on. I built a solid source, kept the sun from legal action and was named June 2005 Employee of the Month for my efforts.

To the rescue: resident heads to the
gulf coast to help disaster relief

Northside Neighbor - September 14, 2005
After Hurricane Katrina Americans did what they could to help. One man and an entire organization donated the use of their Hummer trucks to a city in crisis.

Growing Up: Carter’s CEO gives back to HIES
Northside Neighbor – October 12, 2005

Memories of a good friend
The Walton Sun - January 8, 2006

Luncheon sets sites on medically fragile children
Northside Neighbor - October 26, 2005


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