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Finding Education in
Costa Rica

September/October 2007
Getting an education in Costa Rica is easier said than done.

Officials deny ‘hit list’
The Walton Sun - February 5, 2005
I wrote this article after receiving documents from a county employee that indicated Walton County Commissioners in a scandal to oust key county employees. The community was buzzing with the rumor before the article was published. Both sides were presented in the story, including the accused commissioners and the indicated employees.

The Walton Sun – April 23, 2005
Proving that a journalist is always on duty, I reported this story while “on vacation.” My family came to visit and while we were on a Walton County beach fishermen caught two sharks off the beach. Bikini-clad, I grabbed my reporter’s notebook and scooped the story. I even had my nephew to take the picture. Approximately one month later, there was a deadly shark attack off a beach in Walton County that made national news headlines.

U.S. Senator makes a stop at local Rotary Club
Neighbor Newspapers – October 5, 2005
I have interviewed multiple government figures, including U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson. I am an approachable reporter and do not find it difficult to get public figures to go on the record.

Investigation continues on AirHeart1
The Walton Sun - October 23, 2004
I was the first reporter on the scene after hearing about a down helicopter on my way to the office. The Walton Sun won 2005 Best of Freedom awards for outstanding journalism efforts in the Community Division of Freedom Communications for the issue.

A mother seeks changes to make 30A safer
The Walton Sun
- March 26, 2005; Commissioners pass construction parking ordinance – The Walton Sun - April 30, 2005
These articles followed a family’s action when 21-year-old Joe Eddy was killed and negligence blamed.

Business owners are voting for Bush
The Walton Sun - September 18, 2004
This was included in a series of articles leading up to the 2004 presidential election.

For Galambos, one campaign ends, another begins
Northside Neighbor - November 9, 2005
My last night at the Northside Neighbor was spent covering the biggest story in Sandy Springs, the election of the first mayor.

Panhandling the Panhandle, more than a drop in the bucket
The Walton Sun - May 21, 2005
When I repeatedly observed these panhandlers at a main intersection my curiosity was triggered. I got to the bottom of their murky story.

Weber School breaks ground as questions about sites future arise
Northside Neighbor - September 21, 2005

Supreme Court eminent domain ruling worries some in County
The Walton Sun - July 2, 2005.

Fulton County Tax Assessors’ fates yet to be determined
Northside Neighbor - September 14, 2005

Fulton County employees keep eyes on incorporation
Northside Neighbor
- October 5, 2005


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