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Loving the Local Cuisine
Quepolandia – July 2007
How to make el Gallo Pinto, a
Costa Rican staple.

Steps to Start
a Franchise Business

Ownafranchise.co.uk - Summer 2006
Newsletter article for U.K.
franchise firm.

How to keep a mechanic
out of the cookie jar

The Walton Sun
November 6, 2005
The general “How to” article is on a subject that most people can relate to, how to dig up the best mechanic.

Don’t get sick munching leftovers, instead create a new taste – Fun filled family days after Thanksgiving
The Walton Sun - November 25, 2004
These two simple articles ran with the Thanksgiving holiday.

Spring has sprung - time to use caution
The Walton Sun - May 14, 2005

This year make a New Year’s resolution that lasts
The Walton Sun - January 1, 2005

In this holiday season, choose your donations wisely
The Walton Sun - November 20, 2004

Newer homes are more likely to make it through a hurricane
The Walton Sun
- September 25, 2004


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